Monday, October 3, 2016

Monster Mud Halloween Statues: Beloved Tombstone and it's Guardians

Hello everyone,

With great pride, I introduce to you the Beloved Tombstone and it's guardians:

My husband and I made these statues using wood, chicken wire, monster mud, foam insulation boards, old bed sheets, paint and masonry sealer. Each guardian statue is approximately 7' tall and sarcophagus measures 6' x 2' with addition on the body on top of it.

The staff was made from 2" x 1" board wrapped with sheet soaked in monster mud and it was decorated with sisal rope and chain with tiny skulls from a dollar store...

The creases in the robe were highlighted with white drybrush...

Peak inside the hood, into endless nothingness...scary huh?

Sarcophagus was created with wood and foam insulation boards. I used Microsoft Publisher program to create the Beloved sign. The font is called Parchment. I transferred the lettering by tracing over the letters, leaving the trace on the foamboard, then I used soldering iron to "carve out" the sign.

For our first try, I am very pleased how this Halloween decoration setting turned out. I did a lot of research of Halloween statues and tombstones on Pinterest and YouTube and just followed the basic guidelines and instructions.
It did require a lot of work and it sure was not cheep to build them, but it was worth it :)

We also built a couple of tombstones which I'll show you in a couple of days...
If you enjoy Halloween at least as half as we do, you'll appreciate this post...
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by...


  1. I'm speechless......Wow, wow, wow! OMG the statues look amazing. So much work, Yes well worth the effort! I wish we celebrated Halloween here, it looks like such a fun Holiday!

  2. WOW Samra! Your statues are AMAZING! I can't believe you and your husband created those! Incredibly spooktacular!

  3. Wow! absolutely fantastic. <3
    Hugs, Lisa

  4. OMGoodness Samra, what a lot of work you and your hubby did! It was so worth it though because your display is wickedly spooky. Fantastic work - truly amazing! xx

  5. Wow, these are amazing! You are obviously both very, very talented and creative!

  6. Wow Samra what a talent you and your hubby have. These are awesomely creepy love love love.
    Julie x

  7. Very wonderful Halloween display. Your hard work paid off. Hugz. ~Niki

  8. Can you hear that??? That's me squealing and applauding loudly! Your work is amazing on these statues and tomb. That body work! My heart, be still! Well done, and every other thing that can be said just is too trite. I bow to you! And your yard is amazing, too! I want to come visit, but I have not yet received my Halloween party invitation! Tee Hee! I bet this is going to be talked about for years to come!

  9. Hello my friend!! I'm back from vacation catching up on all of your beautiful projects I've missed while I've been gone!! Oh my goodness, I am totally speechless!! Wow!! These are ah-may-zing, Samra!! I am blown away!! I hope there is some kind of Halloween contest you can enter these in because they would win hands down!! I love Halloween and these are the perfect decorations!! Your attention to detail is spectacular, right down to the marble veins!! I was just in New Orleans and this reminds me of the cemeteries there with the raised tombs!! You and your hubby did a fabulous job with these!! I can't wait to see the headstones!! Have a great day my friend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  10. Wow! what a totally awesome scene Samra! It looks so real and SO terribly spooky! The draping is just amazing on the robes/hoods - I assume this is on your property so people drive by and get all scared??!!! Well done! Now the problem is where to store it??!!!