About me

Hello, my name is Samra Leshinski and I am a full time working mother of one with a wonderful supportive husband. I have been making my own party invitations for several years now,but I consider card making my hobby since 2013. I ventured into actual blogging and participating in challenges since April of 2014.
If I had to pick my favorite style that would definitely be Shabby Chic, but I try to have variety in my work. I also base my creation on a person that will be receiving my card; what are their interests, style and favorite colors. It makes me so happy to see big smile on someone’s face when they receive my handmade card. I make my own flowers for card embellishing, from daisies to roses and am still learning a lot about all the different ways to create textures and details on a project.
I know that my card making is not going to change the world, but spreading a little joy here and there is one small step that I can make.


  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments. You asked which dies I sed for my Lift Challenge card. These are from PTI "Beautiful Blooms ll" I know what you mean about the custom order. I work full time too and it took some serious planning. I am still searching the internet for a shop where I can buy a few more hours in eaxh day....:) But I made it and it was fun. I bet you are selling a lot of your cards to your co workers. You cards are unique and lovely. I wanted to sent you an e-mail but couldn;t find it here on your blog. That's why I am leaving this comment here.
    Have a great day!

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